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Content Development

NicholNotes partners with universities and non-traditional degree programs to develop content for their courses. Whether it be an undergraduate business course, or a post-graduate bootcamp program, NicholNotes can provide full-service content development services that focuses on hands-on learning, data-backed strategic decision making, and real business situations that happened yesterday - not five years ago.

Curriculum Consulting

NicholNotes is available as a resource to educational professionals who are evaluating their curriculum for evolution to match what is currently happening in today's digital landscape. We are able to speak expertly to marketing, media, communications, and entrepreneurship.

Business Consulting

NicholNotes works as a consulting arm for both universities and private clients to educate on business structures and curriculum development, as well as general strategy for business operations. With a Consulting partnership, NicholNotes can provide strategic advisory services to companies as they navigate their growth & digital marketing.

Events & Seminars

1-day seminars focused on a specific business industry discipline or vertical. NicholNotes can leverage its network to provide an engaging and interactive live experiences for people who are looking to learn - not just in a classic university classroom.