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NicholNotes is an education company built off the learnings of the successful development of multiple different businesses through a relentless focus on training and development.

Jeffrey Nicholson, the Founder of NicholNotes as well as the CMO of VaynerMedia and CEO of Tracer (a VaynerX subsidiary), learned quickly that the only way to build a truly successful and differentiated business was through people – intelligent, highly-skilled people.

Understanding that model, he made a point to invest in the cultivation of young, raw, high-ceiling talent leveraged against rigorous training regimens and mentorship programs – opportunities that taught entry-level hires how to be true practitioners and how to understand the complex business landscape of today.

NicholNotes’ goal is to bring that vision and push it downstream to academic institutions, so students can be even better prepared for roles out of college, as well as existing businesses. 

NicholNotes is run by Chairman & Founder Jeffrey Nicholson (Babson College '05) and business partner Olivia Hawkins (Georgia Tech '13).