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All NicholNotes content is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or distributed, whether in print or electronic form, without permission of NicholNotes.

Permission to photocopy a NicholNotes item

To order permission to make photocopies of a NicholNotes item, visit that item’s detail page. Click “Add to Cart.”

Once in the cart, set the quantity to the number of copies you would like to make. Quantity of product purchased will dictate photocopy rights.

Complete the checkout process and then proceed to make the copies desired.

Digital Re-Use of Content

Electronic copies of content may not be posted on, or distributed by, third-party course providers or content aggregators/distributors that do not represent the single, secure learning management system in use at an academic institution. Faculty seeking to provide digital access to course materials should use this website, available to registered educators and students.

    Republishing NicholNotes content

    • If you wish to republish NicholNotes content, special permission is required. Please note, we do not grant permission for any adaptation, edit, excerpt or summary of any Case; a Case must be republished in full. Please note, no more than three NicholNotes Cases may be included in a textbook and the total NicholNotes material cannot exceed 20% of the book.
    • Please submit your request to republish to the NicholNotes team via email including the following information:
      • The NicholNotes product title, author, and product number
      • How you plan to use republished content (including publication title, author, quantity, volume, etc):
      • Format of republished content [electronic/print]
      • Mailing and billing address
      • PO number or other reference to be included on our invoice

    If your particular copyright needs are not addressed above, please contact the NicholNotes team via email at info@nicholnotes.com.